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hey, everyone. my name is anna and i'm 14 years old. i live in malaysia, but i don't blame you if you don't know where that is. hahah. i'm quite shy with people that i don't really know or am not close with. but when i'm with my girlfriends... yeah, if you're one of them, you'd know. my friends are very important to me, because they're the only people who can me me laugh till my mouth hurts. :) i love making graphics. well, i used to be obsessed, but now i think i'm slowing down a bit. and after i lost all my data thanks to my computer, i don't think i'll be making them 24/7 like i used to. to make it short; graphic is not my life anymore. homework is (even though i never finished it, lol). hmm, what else to say? oh yes, i have three annoying cats - one of them always sleep on top of me. i couldn't even breath properly! but i still love them to death.... (to be continued later, when i feel like thinking)

my family. my friends. people who were nice to me. zac efron. alex pettyfer. david archuleta. vanessa hudgens. nick jonas. joe jonas. kevin jonas. emma watson. rupert grint. demi lovato. taylor swift. taylor lautner. ashley tisdale. skandar keynes. william moseley. david henrie. lucas grabeel... (again; to be continued later, when i remember the other people i love)

high school musical. photoshop. fan fiction. music. graphics. icons. harry potter. hairspray. cupcakes. zanessa. antm. textures. mood themes. spongebob squarepants... (for the third time; to be continued later, when i remember what/who i'm currently addicted to)

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